Communications Installation Manager


תאור המשרה: 


Grade or Telecommunications Engineering in all their specialities:

· Image & Sound.

· Telematics.

· Telecommunication systems.

· Electronic systems.

· Networking.


Essential 5 years’ experience in Rail Systems & Infrastructure.

Essential 5 years’ experience installing different communications subsystems in field, taking the responsibility to direct, support, validate and review each installation done by different installation groups.

Ability to prioritize and decide quicky. design or operating rail systems.

3 years’ experience installing, designing or maintaining- reviewing following systems:

Fiber optic and Structured Cabling infrastructure:

Knowledge about trunk fiber infrastructure installation (FTTH, FTTO, FTTB, FTTP… FTTX) having also experience on testing & commissioning in all related with fiber optics, enclosures, fiber distribution etc…

Knowledge about pulling or blowing fiber inside multitubular along rail lines. Manhole and handhole enclosures installation and reflectometry testing.

Knowledge about structured cabling types.

Backbone Transmission Network.

Knowledge about networking equipment installation & design, development in different types of environments, industrial equipment connection, Power Extender connection and correct allocation, Data Center equipment installation knowing proper environmental conditions and cable distribution for flexible installations.

Network topology knowing logical & Physical architecture in different distributions avoiding SPOF.

Valuable basic knowledge of Cyber Security knowledge regarding physical security.

Radio & WIFI Systems:

Previous experience installing and designing TETRA, MCPTT, SIP Trunk or LTE voice systems in trains, data centers etc…

Voice and call flow experience regarding Mission Critical Systems, and Group Communication Systems.

Previous experience installing and designing WIFI systems for trains knowing Rail restrictions. Experience in Radio Network Planning, coverage study and antenna location in Train to Ground systems.

Knowledge about spectrum allocation and normative regarding different countries.

Security Control Centre and Operation Control Centres.

Previous experience installing all systems related with Security and Operation in Rail Regulation Control Centres.

Knowledge of daily life and environmental conditions of a datacentre, working in construction site to do the migration of different racks, physical equipment, false floor, cable trays and building multitubular path and risers. Design & maintenance of all related systems:

· Videowall.

· KVM System.

· Servers & workstations systems configuration.

· Master Clock.

Public Address Systems.

Previous experience installing & designing Public Address Systems, power loss calculation verification, acoustic study, sound power calculation, loudspeaker allocation…

Telephony and Emergency Call system.

Knowledge Cisco CUCM system installed in different Shelters and data centres or Operator rooms.

Passenger Information Systems.

Knowledge about installation of transport information system:

· Passenger Information Displays (models, luminance & visibility study…)

· Software integration with AVLS systems.

· Different languages development for the system.

Other Skills.

Proactive person capable to assume responsibilities and find the solution, searching different paths.

Strong knowledge about CAD tools and revision drawing.

Knowledge about power supply of different systems above described and general knowledge about all datasheet of each equipment.

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מיקום התפקיד:

Full Time Job

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