Junior Computer Vision Developer

Job Description

The Vision Business Unit is a unique and dedicated group.  We offer our customers the most specialized cores and algorithms to run any vision based applications. Areas such as 3D Processing, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality push us to deal with innovative technologies that our customers’ near future products require. The solutions are related to variety of markets such as Smartphones, Automotive, Drones, AR/VR headsets and more.

In this role, you will research and develop techniques to realize and accelerate AR/VR, SLAM and classic 2D/3D computer vision algorithms. In addition, you will perform in-depth analysis and optimization to ensure the best possible performance and accuracy on current and next-generation architectures.

This involves:

· Working directly with customers’ R&D centers around the globe to develop the most relevant and state-of-the-art SDK for -XM DSPs product line (high-end & ultra-low-power multimedia DSP processors).

· Developing and optimizing core parallel algorithms and data structures to provide the best SW solutions using company platforms.

· Collaborating closely with the architecture, tools, and system software teams to influence the design of next-generation architectures, software platforms, and programming models.

תאור המשרה: 


· B.Sc/M.Sc. in Engineering, Computer Science, or related technical field from a leading university.

· Excellent graduates with 85+ GPA

· Enthusiastic  about Computer Vision, 3D processing and AR/VR world

· Strong knowledge of C/C++ – advantage

· Good communication and organization skills, with a logical approach to problem solving

· Good time management, and task prioritization skills

· Independent and self-motivated

דרישות התפקיד:


מיקום התפקיד:

Full Time Job

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