Junior DSP Software Applications Debug and Automation Infrastructures Engineer

Job Description

Design & Development of automated infrastructures for DSP software applications running.

Execution and debug DSP C & C++ software applications.

Automation Design and Development

All automation infrastructures are developed in-house with various programming languages (C/C++, Python, Perl, C#, Java) and include:

  • Test drivers for running automatic testing suites, results gathering and analysis
  • Distributed test system for executing tasks with hundreds of machines in parallel
  • Automatic tests generators
  • Various scripts for data analysis, batch processing and report generation

Execution and Debugging

  • Investigation of complex Digital Signal Processing C/C++ software applications and customer scenarios using a software simulator and HW FPGA using advanced debug techniques
  • Analysis of results and pin-point problems
  • Collaboration with both technical and non-technical people all across the company (Development, Architecture, IT, VLSI, System, Customer Support)

תאור המשרה: 


  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering or relevant technical discipline from accredited academic institution GPA 80 and up
  • Basic knowledge of C/C++
  • Strong technical and problem solving skills
  • Self-learning ability, dedication and teamwork

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מיקום התפקיד:

Full Time Job

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