Verification Engineer for VLSI

Job Description

A member of the design and verification team that is responsible for developing specialized DSP processors and HW for several markets, such as Smartphones, Automotive, Drones, Surveillance, A.I and more. The team is dealing with the cutting edge technologies and working with the leading companies in the industry.

The candidate will own tasks such as micro-architecture, design, verification, integration and other tasks that are part of an IP development and testing processes.

תאור המשרה: 


Education: B.Sc in Electronic engineering from a leading university with GPA 82 and up.


2-5 years of experience in Advanced ASIC RTL verification.

Graduates with 85+ GPA may be considered without any experience.


  • Knowledge in: Verilog & simulation, perl & TCL scripts, Linux
  • Experience in processor design or memory subsystem design
  • Experience in low power technics in RTL level

דרישות התפקיד:


מיקום התפקיד:

Full Time Job

היקף משרה:

צרף קובץ קו"ח

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